grof, 2008

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In the South, we cleanse our emotional body of difficulties that limit our potential. We learn to shed this past just as the serpent sheds her skin – all in one piece.


In the West, we explore our relationships with our ancestors so that we may learn how we carry their seeds within -- many of which that may no longer serve us. We die to our planned death so that we may live and be present each day.


In the North, we examine our roles in society and how they keep us masked and hiding from our true selves. As we peel these masks, we align ourselves with the lineage of mesa carriers that have gone before us and will go after us.


In the East, we step into our becoming. We develop our vision, journey to retrieve our destiny, and then dream this becoming into being, where we return to our homes and our community to realize our destiny. In the east, we also examine how our shadow is aspects of our own personal power that we have turned against or not acknowledged. We learn how to bring them into ourselves in an empowering way.

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